Multiage education is the practice of intentionally combining children of different ages and grade levels in a single classroom to realize academic and social benefits.

My Thesis on Multiage Education

Multiage Education Resources

**If you are researching multiage education because you are considering the family grouping program at Dodge Elementary, please visit our team website .

This website is an attempt to present a comprehensive collection of resources on multiage education for parents, teachers, and administrators. This site and the thesis included here are my undergraduate project for the Alfred University Honors Program.

I would like to thank Dr. Katherine Wiesendanger, my thesis committee chair, as well as committee members Dr. Sharon Morrison and Dr. James Curl. Also, I would like to express my gratitude to Dr. Paul Strong, chair of the Honors Program at Alfred University. My mom deserves a special thank you for hours of editing and proofreading.

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